Fermented CSA Subscription


Includes 2 fermented CSA shares (4-8 jars/bottles ranging from 4oz-16oz)

CSA Pickups are the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month in Ojai, CA.

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Sourced from certified organic farms in the Ojai, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara areas.

What makes our fermented foods and drinks so unique?
We offer you a variety of local organic ferments that are crafted in the traditional style of hand cutting, hand selecting and aging much like a fine wine, we ferment for up to 28 days to ensure you are getting the most flavor and diversity of probiotics. That means for us fermentors, we get to be creative and offer different flavors of the season depending on what is being grown on our local farms.
Turning raw healthy organic produce into an even higher nutrient dense food, PROBIOTICS!

We are truly eating in culture and community since we share the same water, air and soil ecosystems.

You cannot get this anywhere else.

Which is great if you can, but for those who do not have the time and want to leave it up to the experts while reaping the rewards
with healthy happy guts, strong immune systems AND supporting local organic farmers, then this is for YOU!


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