23rd Salsa Festival debut


So much delicious fermenting has been going on. From my awesome students, who are bravely chartering new fermenting feats in their own kitchens, to offering fermented foods that the 805 area has never seen or tasted before. We were honored to participate in two big 805 events; the 23rd Annual Oxnard Salsa Festival where we showcased our probiotic salsa and hot sauce & the first Ventura County Wellness Fair where our sauerkrauts, pickles and natural deodorants were a great success. So many folks are new to fermented foods and it blows their mind when they find out how deliciously good they taste and all the benefits they receive from organic, live probiotics.


23rd Salsa Festival hot sauce debutHere at Wild At Heart Ojai we are bubbling with excitement to offer several new products to unveil on our online store and at a farmers market or retail store near you. Our organic Probiotic Salsa and Probiotic Hot Sauce along with our four favorite sauerkraut flavors will be available to purchase online, along with our natural deodorants. As a fermentation business located in the heart of the 805 area and part of the Ventura County slow foods sustainable movement, we are changing the way people think about food. Our connections and commitment to sourcing local, organic sustainable whole food ingredients represents a fresh take on an industry that has long suffered from over-processed, unhealthy choices. We implement these ideals and positive environmental practices in our kitchen and offer a new local 805 product that supports our regional organic farms.

On the horizon is the Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival where we will be sampling our Probiotic Sodas and selling our full product line. Get your tickets because this an event you do not want to miss. So many great speakers, demos and tastings that will tantalize the gut and the mind!

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