What is a Fermented CSA Share?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which means you buy seasonal food directly from your farmer.  The farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public, typically that share consists of a box of vegetables. In our Fermented CSA, this means we provide you with an assortment of seasonally fermented foods that come directly from local farms and made in our local commercial kitchen. Your “share” is 2-4 jars or bottles ranging in 4oz-16oz depending on price of food and materials per pick-up. This means that you share in our community kitchen’s risks and rewards. Variety may increases and decreases depending on the season, but know that we are working hard to provide a variety of high quality ferments. Some of the foods and drinks we’ve fermented in the past include, but are not limited to:

Classic Dill (most traditional ferment) Sauerkraut

Deep Root Sauerkraut (medicinal)

Wild Sauerkraut (taste of the season)

Spicy carrots

Probiotic Pickles


Pickled Taproots

Beet Kvass

Fermented Ketchup

Fermented salsa

Fermented dressings

Fermented aioli

Probiotic Ginger Ale

Probiotic Root Beer

Fruit sodas

Who is this for?

Busy professionals, busy families, anyone that is interested in healthier eating but doesn’t have the time or energy to commit to doing it on their own. The foods in the jars and bottles are intended to provide nutrient dense meal options to be added to your regular meals.

Why are fermented foods so good for me?

Our guts contain around 100 trillion bacteria that line our intestinal tract, fermented foods can boost the number of beneficial bacteria that will help aid in digestion and strengthen your immune system.

How much fermented foods should I be eating daily?

The suggested serving size is 2 tablespoons.

What makes our share so unique?

We are the first fully fermented CSA in California. We hand-pick, hand-cut and hand-pack each jar/bottle using only the finest in-season locally grown organic vegetables. We then age our ferments, for 28 days in a community commercial kitchen. This gives you the MOST diverse amounts of PROBIOTICS. We tend to the veggies making sure to package them when they have reached their perfect tangy savory flavors and are brimming with active probiotics that await your happy gut!

How often will I receive my share?
You will pick up your share every other Friday in Ojai.
How do I incorporate all this glorious fermented food?

A Fermented CSA will help you to start adding fermented foods into your everyday meals. That means adding to your favorite salads, sandwich, bratwurst, burger, wrap, burrito, tacos, rice, sushi and egg dishes. The possibilities are endless as we learn to eat in culture and community!

How many people will a share feed?

The Fermented CSA share is designed to provide enough ferments for 1-2 people for a month. For the true bacteria buddy, it works great for one. If you are going on vacation, think about donating your ferments to a family member or offering it to a friend, sharing is caring.

What do I do with the empty jars?

You can up-cylcle your jars by decorating them, putting candles in them, or using them as a flower vase or cup. OR you can return your empty jar on your next pick up.

How much does the fermented CSA cost?

We offer monthly subscriptions, sign up here